Toilet Roll Happiness

I recently bought a second hand Wacom tablet^ to practise my digital illustration work. But, as all parents know, practising one’s own professional skills while raising and educating children full time is not easy. So, for now I will post my hand drawn sketches until I can glam them up and colour them digitally.


And so, this happened to me today. For the millionth time, while I whispered to myself in my head “Just give me one minute of peace. Just give me one minute of peace. Just give me one minute of peace…” One child climbed fearlessly up onto my lap and ripped down as much toilet tissue as she could, while the other bellowed at me from the back garden to “Look at ME!”. I managed to finish my business in all my exhaustion and with the bouncing babe now attempting to stand on my shoulders, cleaned up the mounds of tissue. My husband had, until recently, wondered why there were regularly little piles of folded toilet tissue balanced on top of the roll beside the toilet. This is why. And although it’s not a major problem sometimes I do just want that minute of peace – but goodness knows I can’t even get it while I’m on the toilet! New parents beware – your own privacy comes only after the 4th birthday of EACH of your children 😉 Experienced parents – I see you nodding silently in recognition!

^ No affiliation.


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