A quick little poem

My house is a sea of mismatched socks
And toy trains with broken wheels
I’m constantly in the kitchen
Cooking endless supplies of meals

The washing’s never done and there’s always some sort of mess
I am a play tower, a horse or donkey And I never get a rest

I sing about the potty and I sing about their fears
My children scream and laugh and cry And I’m going deaf in both ears

We fight, we talk, we hug, we laugh
And sometimes we all squeal
But the most confusing part of life is
Not knowing how they feel

I try to teach them letters
And respect, and mathematics 
I try to maintain patience
And wonder if that’s all that matters 

A smile will melt you, a giggle can crush you
And you’ll do anything in your power
To make sure they have the best of life
Despite the tantrum for 2 hours

They never want a nap 
And this in turn makes my life hell 
But after a kip and a piece of fruit
Everything always turns out well 

I need some space and I need a coffee
I need sleep for just one night
I also need a cleaner,
And a massage at first light

They only do the opposite
Of everything I say
But they grow up fast
And soon they’ll want to fly and go away

I get upset and cry and shake
It’s tiring being mother
But the love my children create in me
Make it my choice over any other.

C. Heward 2015

My children – one strong spirit and one free spirit – give me the deepest experience of nature and love possible.


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