Book Review (early readers): “Tashi” Series


Title: The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi

: Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg. Illustrator: Kim Gamble

Age range/ ability: 5-7 years, beginner to early reader.

: This series follows the adventures of a young boy Tashi, his family, and friends. He encounters ghosts, villains, an interesting cast of characters, and explores life lessons, loyalty, problem solving and more. 

My thoughts
: Lots of fun! I actually enjoyed reading these with my child and found the simple black and white illustrations lovely. The naming of the characters can also provide a bit of a laugh, with a few stereotypes you may be able to recognize from your own life. The words and sentences are simple but not basic and I noticed encouraged my child to read on. Not only did these books encourage further reading, but they gave terrific examples of “out of the box” thinking to show young readers that we can all benefit from any given situation, however if we choose to do the wrong thing, ourselves and others could suffer.

Comments from a 6 year old:
“When can we read the next one?!”. “I’m a quick thinker, just like Tashi!”. “Wow!”.

Preview Pictures:

The Book Depository Link*
The stories are also available as individual books, totaling over 30. A couple here;



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