Family Holiday Winner: Osaka, Japan

  We recently enjoyed our 10 year wedding anniversary trip to Osaka, Japan. The brilliant part of it was that we took our two twinkle tots along with us! 

Thankfully, one of the Australian airlines was having a “return for free” flight sale and we’ve been waiting some time to go to Japan but it never suited our situation. However, when I stumbled upon the flight sale we thought “Why not?!”.

Initially I was reserved because my youngest child had never been to a country where English wasn’t the first language, and coupled with that, she’s one of those “free spirited” (read: runs climbs and jumps everywhere while selectively being deaf to the word ‘no’) types of toddlers. Yes my first born travelled a lot at that age but she was a different little person altogether and I knew I was up for a challenge with my second. 

It turns out I needn’t have worried! It was incredibly safe!

We spent the majority of our time based in Osaka, with two days in Kyoto. We moved along nicely at child pace and enjoyed the amazing foods, scenery, city, and peoples of Japan.

If you’re looking for a family friendly destination with a culture change, do visit Japan. The people were unbelievably friendly, helpful, respectful, and beautiful. The food was fantastic even at the “cheaper” market stalls, you’re never far from something beautiful; castles, mountains, food, fashion, architecture… One of my favorite places to travel! The transport is remarkably punctual, neat, clean and reliable – a bonus when traveling with children!

I could add thousands of pictures but then this page would never load!

Before you go, remember to spend some time practicing your Japanese phrases and learning common courtesy. The local children will love to practice their English with you and it’s certainly nice to practice Japanese with bright smiley children! Encourage your children to do the same – it will really make your trip more rewarding! 

And another awesome thing – there are playgrounds in the airport so the children can use up their energy before the long flight! Bliss!

I’m planning to add a few more destinations to my Family Holiday Winner list so keep an eye out for those!

Until next time – happy travels!!


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