Nailed it!!

Well – two attempts at making some of our materials for homeschooling. One good. One not so good.

The good one: Math Mushrooms

 Adorable! So many dots but much cuteness and I hope my kidlets enjoy these 🙂 

The not-so-good-but-it-still-functions one: upcycled plastic bottle to paintbrush holder.

It still works, it’s just not aesthetically pleasing! I burnt myself a few times and buckled the bottle too, but, for use at home or even on the road I think it’ll work!! Better next time 🙂

Let me know if you’d like a quick rundown of how I made these? Or what these are useful for.

Happy days 🙂


3 thoughts on “Nailed it!!

    • Aren’t they? The mushrooms we use just for general play (along with some wooden painted people) as well as sorting, counting, and creating shapes. Because they are so small and tactile, fine motor skills, wonder and imagination come into play also. My youngest actually turned them into ‘money’ when she first discovered them!

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