Attempting Organization: Wins and Fails


My desk looks organised for once!

Organization will always be a work in progress for me I think. I’m naturally a spontaneous, opportunistic person but having children – particularly homeschooling them – requires structure. I learnt this the hard way, which I’ll write about soonish in a separate post.


  • A monthly scramble – I tried to get organized month by month. Absolutely no chance. Too many changes happen over the space of one month (for everyone in the family) to do this. Unless you’re following a curriculum right on point I found this was way too ambitious and didn’t work in reality.
  • Moving without a plan – I’ll write in more detail about this in another post but the best way to move forward confidently will be to have a clear idea of how you want things to be. I had ideas, was swayed by other’s ideas, but until you research options and decide from there you’ll always fall short. Or get anxiety in the process which is what happened for me.
  • Being short on materials – I’ve had this problem countless times and it’s not only frustrating because we can’t finish a task or project but because it meant I either had to go to the shop again (yuck), or, had to wait until I had time to make the materials another night during the week/s to follow. Uncool.
  • No designated children’s work area – The reason I mention this is because I felt that all areas of our home were becoming too messy to think. It was overwhelming and suffocating (for me).


  • Weekly organization & batching – Where possible, set aside a few hours every week (or more if you need) to pre-organize activities, materials, or at least a focus point for the week ahead. As I don’t follow a set curriculum my week to week activities follow the needs of my children and I adapt. It takes longer but I trust this will serve them better. As a side note, batching tasks helps too, even if it’s just batch preparation of snack items for the week! I prepare 4/5 days worth of activities/work/outings at a time. I do this after they’ve gone to sleep at night. A schedule will help too, even if it’s just a rough one 🙂
  • Split and combined activities – this is tricky for me and I’m just transitioning into it as I have a 4 year age gap between children their needs are quite different especially as my youngest turns 3. Our week consists of several activities which can be done together, and several where each child focuses on their own “work”. This also addresses the one-on-one time with mummy issue 🙂
  • Down time and free play – this functions for both you and the children. I have this mentally scheduled into each day. Let the children play! Parent down time is much harder since we have so much do to but where you can, do it. When mine were babies I started off just taking two minutes to moisturize my face instead of 2 seconds, and it has grown from there.
  • Monthly materials shop/make/gather – I’m still perfecting this but it really comes down to planning, and saves loads of time on a week to week basis!
  • True presence – Time and time again, any behavior “hiccups” we go through are down to connection time with me. If I’m multitasking or making them wait for interaction with me for too long, the problems start. Put your phone on silent and in a separate room, and fill their cup of love – you’ll be surprised what can come of this.
  • Designated areas for focused “work” – This idea doesn’t work for everyone, but as soon as I introduced this to my two when they hit approximately age 3, their ability to focus grew and they readily jumped at creating in and keeping tidy, their own space. They felt important, and as well as that, knew where they could find what they needed!
  • Continuous learning and exploration as a Homeschooling Parent – In the hustle of the every day, sometimes we forget that we too need to keep learning. I find inspiration in exploring different ideas to present concepts, better ways to get more done, and lessons people learn as they ride this wave of their parenting life.
  • Being part of a Homeschooling community – Lets face it, we’ve chosen to do a pretty big thing by taking on this responsibility ourselves. People do it for different reasons and in different ways, but regardless, having support and others to bounce ideas off is a wonderful (and at times sanity saving!) thing.


So that’s a quick rundown as I know none of us has time for lengthy posts! If I think of more I’ll write again 😉


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