DIY Create A Fairy Wonderland Kit

Making your own Fairy Wonderland Kit is pleasantly basic and affordable and makes a wonderful gift 🙂

This is a basic kit which I made last Saturday night from various bits and pieces in our kitchen cupboards and craft draws. I gave them to my two children today. 

Oh the delight! The fun! The creativity! The textures!! 

To make your own, read through these items and go wild – other ideas can include wooden shapes, beetles or toy cars, rocks, toy animals, wool, felt, leaves, anything!


  • A4 size tray (I used a box lid but you can use whichever size suits you and wooden ones are always beautiful!)
  • Green, yellow or red split dried peas. One bag or more for however big your box is – obviously here mine were intended for some form of grass or sand as a base to prop items in.
  • Egg cartons, cupcake paper liners, 
  • Wooden craft pegs, scraps of fabric, hair ties/bands (these were intended to make the “fairies” but can of course be used for anything)
  • Craft butterflies
  • Scoop and bamboo spoon
  • Wooden spheres, glass tiles of varying colours, glass pebbles in varying colours, sea shells, and wooden counting mushrooms I wrote about here).
  • Dried spices: star anise, cinnamon stick (you could probably use cloves, cardamom pods or various other whole items as well or instead of)


I simply left the set trays as you see them with most items unopened but neatly set out. My two love opening packets so that was half the fun! Depending on the age/s of your child/ren you may need to explain what they’ve found or how to make a little person with the peg for example. But try to let them lead and create freely without your interruption or dictating your vision of how anything should look or be. My 3yo actually spent the first 30 minutes or more simply pouring and scooping & feeling the peas 🙂

Stimulation Areas;

This activity is great for all ages and if you reduce the contents of your tray, those with sensitivities or learning delays or other differences in processing may find a lot of joy playing with these too 🙂

I see that this encompasses sensory play with such an assortment of textures, and smells (great idea Mummy, if I do say so myself!). Fine motor skills, imagination and problem solving, planning, and joy are all thrown in too. Scooping, pouring, building, role playing – so many bases covered! That’s why I was so excited to do this and simply observe what comes out of it ❤️

Enjoy and feel free to share yours in the comments!


And here is my 6yo’s first finished fairy land. She plans to develop it a little later and build on it but for now it’s on display in her room 🙂



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