5 ways to get your Mummy Exercise Time each week

I’ve struggled with this over the last few years but I think I’ve finally cracked the nut – so here’s what I do to get my 6 exercise sessions in every week at home. An important thing to note first though is to talk to them about why you need exercise and the importance of it for your health. It doesn’t matter their age – repetition and education will help them to accept your training time as a normal part of the day.

1. Tinker Trays

You may have seen my Insta feed with this recently. To make yours grab a cupcake baking tray and fill each cup with craft pieces and set out with varied pieces of paper. This held my two for an hour this morning !!! Focus, creativity, screen free, outside or inside, joy, and requests to do it every day. Win win win.

2. Water Play

What child doesn’t love water play? Buckets, wading pools, tools, scoops, toys, sand, hose, anything. Even asking them if they’d like to clean off their outside toys with a dash of cleaning liquid and sponge occupies them for ages and develops a myriad of other skills.

3. Puzzles/painting/play dough 

This may depend on your child’s age and if necessary set them up beside you. A side note here is that I have my child draw a chalk line (on the ground) that they can’t cross while I’m training (for safety reasons), if they’re going to be playing beside where I am.

4. Outside play

You could even set them up with an obstacle course here if you feel so inclined, but outside play doesn’t need much description I guess!
5. Reading/books or their fave educational program.

Not everyone has an early-reader-older-sibling as I do. So sometimes my 3 yo pulls out a few books for my 6yo to read to her. This gives me 20-30minutes on shorter training days and not only improves sister bonding, but reading skills, positive association with books, and readies my little one for reading in the future. If you don’t have this situation, even sitting them down individually with their own books works. Some people also use tv programs for this uninterrupted time. My two watch a dinosaur documentary once or twice a week.

6. Cooking/food handling

This is a bonus and if your child is ready, simply allocate them the task of preparing some food. Easy 20-30 minutes!

Let me know how you go! Good luck 😉


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