Book Review: Hugo Pepper (junior fiction)

Title: Hugo Pepper (link here)

Authors: Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

Age range/ ability: 5-10 years

Summary: The main character is a boy who was unknowingly adopted into a family of reindeer herders in the frozen north. This story follows his adventure of finding out where he’s from, and what his parents were like and their lives. It is of course, fiction.

My thoughts: This title is from the Far Flung Adventures books and I tell you now it’s a treat!  It’s actually what started my daughter on her crusade to read all of Chris  Riddell’s books (appropriate titles that is, as I think he may have books for older children/teens as well). I’ll be posting reviews on his other work soon.

What I like about this is the amazing illustrations – incredible line work which is a style all of its own. I’ve popped in a couple of pics below. Then next is the language – the descriptions and characters are never harsh or belittling and if there is a “mean” character there is never violence. I think at this age children don’t need to be exposed to extra violence in their life, especially when enjoying books!

I like how the authors give you the background on individual characters apart from the main boy. Teaching our children that everyone has a story and their own challenges in life.

The story is adorable and really pulls you in – my husband and I even enjoyed reading this one! It’s always great to find a gem.

Feedback from a 6 year old: “I love this book, Mum. I love the drawings and the boy and the snow Giants and, and, and “… You get the idea 😉

Here’s the link to get one:

And some samples from in the book:

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