Book Review: Arkie Sparkle Adventure Series

Title: Arkie Sparkle 

Author: Petra James

Age range/ ability: 6-10 years

Summary: Arkie is a tweenager treasure hunter who’s parents get kidnapped. It’s up to Arkie and her ‘genius’ cousin to travel throughout time and places to figure out the clues, use their brains and gadgets, and find her parents in 7 days. Each book covering one day.

My thoughts: Although some of the themes were a little old for my daughter at the time of reading these (think ‘concern about fashion’ for one of the characters), she thoroughly enjoyed the historic references, the main character’s humble personality, and the adventure of it all. She also tried to figure out the clues too. We’d definitely read these again! Apologies for no inside page pics – these were read and returned to the library before I could say ‘boo’! I recommend this series if your child is an adventurer at heart and likes suspense. 

Feedback from a 6 year old: “I just can’t stop reading these books, Mum!”. “Mum can we read this? Can we read this? Can we read this? Can we read this?” (At midday and evening story time). 

“Even though she’s only young, she can still do all these things?”

“She must be strong, hey Mum?”


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