Free Safety Rules Poster for Families

Here it is! Feel free to download, colour, and personalise yours – it never hurts to have a conversation about safety with your children and for them it’s even more empowering knowing what to do! This file will print at A4 size just fine. I ended up printing an extra one for my eldest who asked to have one to colour herself and have in her bedroom.

Here’s mine before I’d written the address in. This emergency number is for Australia however if there’s enough interest I can do other countries as well just get in touch 😛

I’ve coloured it, laminated it and hung it in an easy to see, and frequently seen, spot in the house. 

Download yours from the Printable Posters page 😛

Thanks for 


Colour-Me Choices Posters to help deal with BIG emotions

We’ve all been guilty at some point or another for responding immaturely or unpleasantly when our child has a melt down. When more than one child melts down at the same time… Well… I’m putting my hand up first to say I’ve panicked and reacted terribly. I certainly didn’t model the behavior I aim to teach and I most definitely didn’t keep calm myself.  But now that has changed.

I’m working on a series of posters you can colour in or your child can colour in, featuring the simple yet effective choice wheel. The first I have completed is SAD. Download it here. If I ever get any time I’ll be coloring these all in Photoshop to make them incredibly attractive and mid-feed-scroll-stop-worthy, but until then please enjoy by coloring yourself. Who knows, it may be rather soothing!
I choose to have these on the wall in easy to see places and when my child/ren has a moment we refer to this. Simple. And we get through ok and I hope beyond anything else that she is able to grow her personal toolbox to deal with emotions in a way I never did as a youngster or even young adult.

Enjoy and use as you feel fits in with your family.


Hands up for Colouring Books!

This is just a quick post to let you know what I’ve been up to and to get a show of hands and feedback.

So, in the next week or so I’ll be adding another Choices poster, and the first in a series of comics about exercising at home with kids. Later on there’ll be some info on feeding children, too.

Secondly, I’ve just come back from a week holidaying with my sister and we discussed the (seemingly) sudden rise in popularity of Adults colouring books. Interesting stuff! My theory is that with our lives being so “device-central” these days the colouring books are probably a welcome escape and unconscious meditation choice for those who need some calming of the mind and spirit. Also, they can be fun! I draw and colour with my kids all the time and funnily enough I really notice it if we skip doing that for more than a few days.

I’ve had more than a few people request I create one so I’m hoping to get a show of hands on here of who might be interested and in what themes? I’d appreciate your feedback very much 🙂 just leave a comment below!

I’ll be posting posters soon 😉

See you then!