Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Book Review

It finally arrived today! Here in Australia we’ve had to wait until April to receive this wonderful new storybook. Not just for girls or teens, but for everyone 🙂

Unfortunately, this book has received labeling (in positive praise of course!) using the term “anti-princess“. While that may be the view of some, I personally think it’s less anti-princess, less “rebel”, but more pro-action, pro-self belief, pro-game-changer, and pro-female.

The stories of each of the 100 inspiring women from around the world are just as the title suggests, and follow a simple, bed-time story format. Easy to read and interesting even for toddlers, each story reveals the lesson or value each person has given to the world in a way that is easy for young minds to digest. 

I personally think it’s less anti-princess, less “rebel”, but more pro-action, pro-self belief, pro-game-changer, and pro-female.

The illustrations on each double page spread are unique to the woman they portray. Completely different styles created (as expected) by 60 women around the world. Simply gorgeous.

After reading only 2 or 3 stories my 7yo decided to write and illustrate her own story (about her) in the allotted pages at the back of the book – very cool 🙂

Highly recommended for all ages 🙂

C xx

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Happy Reading!!

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Book Review (early readers): The Magic Treehouse Series

Title: The Magic Treehouse (Series of 50 books)

: Mary Pope Osbourne

Age range/ ability
: 4-7 

: A ‘normal’ brother and sister are the inspiring heroes in this series. They discovered a magic treehouse by accident one day and what follows is the most incredible adventures a young pair could have! They assist a magic librarian to collect books and artefacts from around the globe and throughout history in order to save not only great stories, but themselves and their friends. Each book is a new adventure and as the series continues the characters age, which also encourages reader engagement and excitement.

My thoughts
: These were gripping as far as young children’s reading goes – we have actually read all 50 books! An awesome way to nurture your new reader and get them hooked on reading (never a bad thing in my book! Haha). The characters have strong, clearly recognisable traits and Pope Osbourne presents their personalities in such a way that early readers can easily relate. There is no harsh language or anything of a sexualised or media-focused nature – simply adventure and team work, character building, and learning! Pope Osbourne has Jack and Annie travelling to all areas of the world and even throughout history and myth on their adventures – so much stimulation and inspiration it’s not funny. I can’t recommend these highly enough I was so happy we found them!

They’re also accompanied by fact books to encourage further exploration, and a website I believe, for those who use the web to complement their child’s learning.

Also, a little side note – I believe the cover illustrations have been “jazzed up” recently and so even though we’ve read them all, some covers are unfamiliar to me, like the last in the set of four featured above.

Feedback from a 6 year old
: “Wow!” “Oohhhh.” “That’s amazing!” (While reading)

“I think I’m more like Jack and less like Annie. But sometimes I’m like Annie.”

“We’ve been there, mum!”
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Book Review: Arkie Sparkle Adventure Series

Title: Arkie Sparkle 

Author: Petra James

Age range/ ability: 6-10 years

Summary: Arkie is a tweenager treasure hunter who’s parents get kidnapped. It’s up to Arkie and her ‘genius’ cousin to travel throughout time and places to figure out the clues, use their brains and gadgets, and find her parents in 7 days. Each book covering one day.

My thoughts: Although some of the themes were a little old for my daughter at the time of reading these (think ‘concern about fashion’ for one of the characters), she thoroughly enjoyed the historic references, the main character’s humble personality, and the adventure of it all. She also tried to figure out the clues too. We’d definitely read these again! Apologies for no inside page pics – these were read and returned to the library before I could say ‘boo’! I recommend this series if your child is an adventurer at heart and likes suspense. 

Feedback from a 6 year old: “I just can’t stop reading these books, Mum!”. “Mum can we read this? Can we read this? Can we read this? Can we read this?” (At midday and evening story time). 

“Even though she’s only young, she can still do all these things?”

“She must be strong, hey Mum?”

Book Review (early readers): “Tashi” Series


Title: The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi

: Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg. Illustrator: Kim Gamble

Age range/ ability: 5-7 years, beginner to early reader.

: This series follows the adventures of a young boy Tashi, his family, and friends. He encounters ghosts, villains, an interesting cast of characters, and explores life lessons, loyalty, problem solving and more. 

My thoughts
: Lots of fun! I actually enjoyed reading these with my child and found the simple black and white illustrations lovely. The naming of the characters can also provide a bit of a laugh, with a few stereotypes you may be able to recognize from your own life. The words and sentences are simple but not basic and I noticed encouraged my child to read on. Not only did these books encourage further reading, but they gave terrific examples of “out of the box” thinking to show young readers that we can all benefit from any given situation, however if we choose to do the wrong thing, ourselves and others could suffer.

Comments from a 6 year old:
“When can we read the next one?!”. “I’m a quick thinker, just like Tashi!”. “Wow!”.

Preview Pictures:

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The stories are also available as individual books, totaling over 30. A couple here;