Printable Posters

Choose what you’ll use and feel free to share!

Please forgive the lengthy load time for images – I generally save them as a higher resolution for printing. And if your browser doesn’t display the PDF file, simply click to download or view as your device allows.

** These posters are NOT for commercial reproduction.

Parenting Posters

-NEW- Safety Rules for Our House (JPEG file, will print A4 size)

Colour-Me Choices Poster Series:
Sad (Jpeg file)
Angry (Jpeg file)
Unsure/Worried (Coming Soon) | Scared (Coming Soon) | Happy (Coming Soon)

Other sets coming soon! Feeding Children, Reminders for Carers…

Colouring In Posters

All of these are initially drawn with a mechanical pencil and without using an eraser. I then draw over the lines with a black fine liner pen. My goal is usually to create a scene spontaneously but with the consciousness of mind to draw intentionally, therefore forcing the eraser to become a redundant tool.

Beach-Scene-Printable (PDF file)

Farm-Scene-Printable (PDF file)

Lagoons-Birds-Printable (PDF file)

Love Nature (Jpeg file)

Ocean Scene (JPEG file) – NEW!

Love Tree (Coming Soon!)

City Scene (Coming Soon)


Let me know what you think! Or if you have a special request for a poster or drawing please feel free to comment below 🙂


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